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Quyen Tiet, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist
Meet Dr. Quyen Tiet

I was trained at UC Berkeley, CU Boulder, Yale University and Columbia University.  Then I stayed on at Columbia University as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Child Psychiatry, College of Physicians and Surgeons, before I came back to the San Francisco Bay Area. For 15 years, I was a Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (affiliated). Currently I am a full Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in San Francisco (APA-accredited program). I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist in California and New York, and I recently received the APA Fellow status, which is an honor bestowed upon about 5% of the American Psychological Association members “who have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology in a national or international level.”

University of California Berkeley
University of Colorado CU Boulder
Yale University
Columbia University New York State Psychiatric Institute NYSPI
Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University, San Francisco Campus

My work with diverse communities, families, and individuals started in San Francisco in the late 1980’s. I worked with immigrant, and refugee adolescents and their families to prevent gang involvement, violence, and delinquent behaviors in the Tenderloin area in San Francisco. During that time, I was at the University of California, Berkeley, where I took classes and learned from the best psychologists in the world, including the world renowned Nobel Laureate and Professor Daniel Kahneman.  


Then I went to the University of Colorado at Boulder (one of the best Ph.D. programs in the country) to pursue my Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Psychology. I expanded my horizon to working with youth and families in the Denver Metropolitan area, ranging from the most diverse neighborhoods and mountainous communities in Northern Colorado, to the individuals and families in the rather homogenous communities in Boulder. My clinical training included my professors watching me on the other side of one-way mirrors and video-recordings of my sessions with clients. Then they would discuss and analyze not only my skills and techniques but also my thoughts and emotions throughout the sessions. I am extremely grateful to this wonderful training experience.


I received my internship pre-doctoral training at the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University, where the footprints of giants in clinical psychology is ubiquitous. The commonly known figures include Anna Freud and Erik Erikson, for example. My repertoire expanded further at Yale. Not only did I work with individuals and families, I also provided training and consultations to institutions and organizations, such as with schools, mental health hospitals, and correctional and financial institutions.


After Yale, I received a 3-year post-doctoral training and stayed on as an Assistant Professor at Columbia University in New York City. The Department of Psychiatry at Columbia is among the most intense and cutting-edge psychiatric training and research institution in the world.  I worked with and learned from the top clinicians and researchers, including another Nobel Laureate and Professor, Eric Kandel. During this time, I also conducted therapy to refugees and immigrants from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle-East, who experienced horrendous trauma and life experiences.


I have conducted research to further evidence-based treatment and advance the science of clinical psychology. I am conducting research at the VA Palo Alto and Stanford University School of Medicine, where I was an Associate Professor (affiliate) for 15 years, and I am currently affiliated with the National Center for PTSD and the Center for Innovation to Implementation. I am also a Distinguished Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Program in San Francisco (one of the few training programs in the bay area that is accredited by the American Psychological Association). My work has been published in professional and scientific journals (see my selected professional publications below). The intended audience of the publications is for professors, researchers, and clinicians.


Below is a list of my selected publications. You can use Google Scholar to look up my other publications:


  • Browne, K. C., Levya, Y., Malte, C. A, Lapham, G. T, & Tiet, Q. Q. (In Press). Prevalence of medical and non-medical cannabis use among veterans enrolled in primary care. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

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