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Areas of Expertise

individual couple family therapy
 My Expertise

I have extensive experience working with individuals and families from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, as well as on various challenges and issues. In addition to my clinical experiences, my knowledge from many years of teaching also enables me to tailor my work to fit your unique preferences and personality. I also focus on your strengths to maximize your gains from therapy.


Some of the common issues I work with are relationship issues, stress management, self-development, cultural issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, and addictions. Below are a number of conditions in alphabetical order that I have frequently worked with:

Adjustment Issues/Disorder
Anger Management
Anxiety Problems/Disorders/Phobias
Child Abuse
Dissociative Disorders

Family relationship
Gender Identity

Life Transitions
Men's Issues
Parenting Issues
Personal Growth
Personality Disorders
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Sexual Abuse
Sleep Problems/Disorders
Smoking Cessation/Problems
Substance Abuse


Weight-related issues

culture, chinese, vietnamese, asian, gay lesbian, children elderly, man woman, feminism

I have over 25 years of experience working with individuals and families from diverse backgrounds and experiences, such as cultural, sexual, generational, geographical, and other social influences. English is my third language and I am fluent in Chinese and Vietnamese. I grew up in another country and came to the U.S. as an adult; therefore, it is my second nature to explore and examine issues from many perspectives, including your cultural and other perspectives.


I have worked with individuals from many sub-cultures in the San Francisco bay area, Colorado urban and mountainous communities, and New York City and Metropolitan areas as well as individuals from many countries all over the world. I have helped individuals at various life stages, from high-school, college, and graduate school students, to professionals, high-level including C-level executives, and owners of companies, including those of the Fortune 500. I am also a faculty member at the Rockway Institute, a national center for LGBTQ+ psychology research. I assist individuals in all age groups and families cope with adjustment, acculturation, cultural/generational conflicts, and discrimination. I provide consultation and supervision to therapists on diversity issues.

sexual physical abuse assault victim
Stress, Trauma, and Coping with Adversity

I have worked with individuals who went through different kinds of stress, life challenges, difficulties, and trauma. I understand that each individual has his/her way, and pace, of dealing with life circumstances. Focusing on your strengths and what work well for you, I will help you cope, overcome, grow, and set yourself free.


I am affiliated with the National Center for PTSD, Dissemination and Training Division, a research institution specializing in research and developing educational materials for clinicians. I have conducted research and published on issues related to stress, trauma and PTSD. You can find some of my publications under the “About” tab in this website, or you can find my other publications via Google Scholar.

alcohol drug substance sex gambling internet porn addiction
Addictions, Substance Abuse, and Living with Addictions

I have worked with individuals and families dealing with different kinds of addiction and related issues. I understand the kinds of complication resulting from addictions, and how difficult it is for the individuals and families to deal with them.  Recovery involves not only the individual and the change of lifestyle, but also a complicated interaction of multiple systems, including family and friends, social, and supporting networks.


Besides extensive clinical experiences, I also have conducted research and published on this topic for many years. Some of my publications are posted at the bottom of the “About” section on this website. You can also find my additional publications with Google Scholar.

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